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Ideal extra income for Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, and Retail


What is Bitcoin ATM Hosting?

Hosting is simple. You allow us to put an ATM at your location and we take care of the rest. Installation, maintenance, cash filling, marketing, and compliance.... we do it all. You simply receive a monthly payment for the transactions that take place at that ATM. We make profiting from hosting a BTM easy for store owners with free delivery of the kiosk and ongoing operational support and maintenance. Leaving you to enjoy the benefits of hosting a bitcoin ATM detailed below.

 Coin Cloud ATM at the D Casino in Las Vegas

Coin Cloud ATM at the D Casino in Las Vegas

Benefits of Hosting an Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM

1. Builds Traffic and Sales

We drive new and existing customers to your location as the Coin Cloud marketing campaign brings local bitcoin users to you and the convenience of your store is recognized. In turn, this churns more traffic and more revenue. Often customers will drive across an entire metro area to your location because it is one of the only places to trade bitcoin.

2. Transaction Revenue

You receive an income bonus based on transaction volume.

3. No Regulatory Hassle

We only use financial grade equipment that meet all regulatory requirements and execute our own robust compliance program.

4. Advantage over your Competition

Hosting a Coin Cloud ATM allows you to capture customers that your competitors simply cannot. Those you use the Coin Cloud ATMs at your location are more likely to return to your establishment over a competitor if they find themselves in the area again.

Why Coin Cloud?

Our company has a host friendly structure that allows you to recognize the benefits of a completely new passive income stream. We are pioneering the Bitcoin ATM network and the compliance framework to satisfy the burgeoning need for a quick and easy place to buy and sell bitcoin. Our Coin Cloud ATMs provide convenient, easy, and fast bitcoin trading.

With a focus on convenience, customer support, and compliance; let our customers become your customers.

Why Now?

Bitcoin price and popularity are at an all time high and the bitcoin ATM market is growing in turn with customers seeking out locations to turn their bitcoin into cash.

What our hosts say:

"[The D Casino] has definitely seen more business as a result” - Derek Stevens, Owner and CEO of the D Hotel & Casino
"It wasn't just the number of people who wanted to use bitcoin, it was the number of people that became interested in our hotel" - Susan Hitch, CFO of The D Hotel & Casino

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