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What Bitcoin market exchange rate is your Bitcoin ATM’s (BTM’s) exchange rate following?

Our exchange rate is a weighted average of all the Bitcoin markets, plus our premium added on.

What is the price for one of your company’s Bitcoins?

All of our prices are shown at each BTM. All prices vary from each BTM (primarily due to agreements created between our company and the host), so the only way to find out the exact price is to go to the BTM itself-- ‘the spot price’. Physically going to the BTM will allow you to know the each current spot exchange for that machine, BTM.

Do you have any fees for purchasing/selling Bitcoins?

We do NOT charge any fees to purchase/sell Bitcoin. We purchase/sell Bitcoin at a premium. Premiums vary at each location, again due to specific factors (e.g. demographic, host agreements, etc).

Do you conduct any ‘in-person’ transactions to purchase/sell Bitcoin?

We DO conduct ‘in-person’ transactions. We consider these to be ‘Over-the-Counter.’ However, this is at the discretion of Coin Cloud Management. Additionally, Coin Cloud will not conduct any ‘in-person’ transactions under $10,000.

Is there someone to help me when I am at the BTM completing a transaction?

Though we do not have any representatives on site at each individual BTM, if a customer needs help conducting a transaction they can call our customer service number: 855-264-2046 and we will try to walk you through the proccess.

What mobile Bitcoin wallet would you recommend to use to store my Bitcoin?

We would recommend the ‘Coin Cloud Wallet’ which can be downloaded on the Google Store or Apple store. Our wallet will give customers the most optimal experience at the BTM. The wallet is tailored to the BTM to give customers a fast and easy experience.

How do I download the Coin Cloud wallet?

The Coin Cloud wallet is only offered on the Apple app store at this point in time. To download the wallet you will open the app store on your iPhone and type “Coin Cloud” in the search bar.

Do I have to give up any personal information when using a Coin Cloud BTM?

The amount of information required to be provided for customer due diligence depends on the amount limits the customer is seeking.

  • $2,000 lifetime limit: customer does NOT have to give up any personal information, other than their phone number
  • A customer can raise their limits by verifying their identity with a driver’s license or passport book. The limits are raised to $2,999 per transaction and $10,000 aggregate daily total.

Do you have any limits on how much Bitcoin you can purchase/sell?

The limits to purchase/sell Bitcoin are a limit of $2,999 per transaction and $10,000 per day.

Do you have a company website with all your locations?

Our company website is located at, where you can find all of our BTM locations.