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Bitcoin Pro-Tip: Miner Fees

Miner Fees are often ignored or hidden in most wallets but in times of Bitcoin network congestion they can make a big difference on how fast a transaction is confirmed. Miner fees are a small amount of bitcoin that is included in transactions as a reward/incentive to the people who operate the network. They help the network continue to grow and provide an incentive for your transactions to be prioritized and confirmed quickly. 

Does Coin Cloud use a miner fee?

Yes, Coin Cloud attaches the miner fees on outgoing transactions in order to ensure these transactions propagate throughout the bitcoin network quickly and you receive your bitcoin as soon as possible.

Bitcoin Sellers, remember when sending bitcoin to the Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM always attach a high priority miner fee to ensure the quickest transaction possible. We are currently suggesting a .0007 bitcoin or higher miner fee. For larger transactions, Coin Cloud waits for 1 confirmation before dispensing cash so it is important your transaction is included in the next block for the fastest withdrawal of cash possible.