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Coin Cloud is a bitcoin ATM company pioneering compliance and convenience. Find a location near you.

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Coin Cloud is the trusted bitcoin trading company pioneering compliance and ease of use for bitcoin. We operate as a licensed Money Service Business and follow BSA/FINCEN/OFAC regulations.


Chris - CEO

Chris is a passionate bitcoin entrepreneur. He earned a degree in economics from Pomona College. After college, Chris moved to Las Vegas to pursue cash game poker. With experience beating both the highest stakes online and live cash games he is an authority with a deep knowledge of the game. He often brings a fresh perspective to a topic with surprising insights and identifies underlying principles and connections between different topics.  His expertise includes bitcoin, economics, poker, risk management, and trading.

Chris serves on the advisory boards of several startups, advises businesses adopting bitcoin, and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Coin Cloud.

Joshua S, Esq.  - Chief Compliance Officer 

Mr. Schlachter has focused his early legal practice in civil litigation while working for Alverson, Taylor, Mortensen & Sanders in Las Vegas. Josh left his practice in 2014 to pursue bitcoin ambitions full time and join Coin Cloud as CCO.

Fun fact: Josh and Chris were both roommates at Pomona College.